HyperGuest and Vervotech announce partnership for Distribution 2.0

HyperGuest announces partnership with Verv otech, the leader in hotel and room mapping globally, in a deal which enables HyperGuests’ API clients globally to receive unified, de-duplicated content through Verv otech’s Hotel Mapping platform at a discounted rate.

Travel Agencies using Hyper Guest’s properties will benefit from a content accuracy rate of 99.999% via Verv otech Mappings platform. This will increase the conversions for their existing customers and go-to-market time for new customers interested in Hype rGuest platform to connect directly with Hotel Inventory.

Vervotech Mappings platform enables global travel businesses content to enhance the user experience for hotel bookers. The platform is a disruptive technology in the accommodation content space with an approach to bring efficiency to the industry.

The AI powered algorithm is standardizing content attributes such as star ratings, amenities, geo codes, naming/branding, descriptions, images, local attractions, and other static content, improving the accuracy and depth of content, to drive sales and reduce booking errors.

What’s in it for Travel Agencies

Real-time content updates and content insights.
Improved conversion and de-duplication of inventory.
99.999% mapping accuracy and 98% mapping coverage with reduced processing time.
Opinionated content that delivers a more streamlined user experience.

Marc Armengol, VP International Business Development at HyperGuest, said, “Mapping your own contracts, sourced through HyperGuest, and HyperGuest’s marketplace rates against third party inventory, is the way to guarantee the best possible option for the traveler. Vervotech and HyperGuest, we both contribute to shortcut some of the most tedious processes, that are connectivity and mapping, and let our partners focus all their resources on generating revenue.

Marvel Puri, VP Partnerships at Vervotech, said, “HyperGuest is becoming more and more popular within our clients, they are truly helping agencies with making more money in room sales. As a travel business, when you are working with such a good supplier partner, mapping is the real key for best results. Vervotech Mappings with this partnership would make the process of onboarding even faster. Plus, as the travel comes back, we want customers to readily access the mappings from us.”