Florida COVID-19 update: 17,854 more cases reported. COVID patients continue to decline

Florida on Friday reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 17,854 more COVID-19 cases and three deaths, according to Miami Herald calculations of CDC data.

In all, Florida has recorded at least 3,409,012 confirmed COVID cases and 48,276 deaths.

In the last seven days, on average, the state has added 338 deaths and 14,326 cases to the daily cumulative total, according to Herald calculations of CDC data

About 11,736,562 eligible Floridians — 54.6% of the state’s population — had completed the two-dose series of Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna, or have completed Johnson & Johnson’s single-dose vaccine, according to the CDC.

The CDC reports that every county’s level of community transmission is high. Here’s how many people have been fully vaccinated in South Florida, according to the CDC.

▪ In Miami-Dade County about 1,874,375 people, or 69% of the county’s total population, are fully vaccinated.

▪ In Broward County about 1,135,338 people are fully vaccinated, or 58.1% of the county’s population.

▪ In Palm Beach County, about 832,427 people are fully vaccinated, or 55.6% of the county’s population.

▪ In Monroe County about 47,918 people are fully vaccinated, or 64.6% of the county’s population.

▪ In Manatee County about 205,358 people are fully vaccinated, or 50.9% of the county’s population.


There were 12,651 people hospitalized for COVID-19 in Florida, according to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services’ Friday report. This data is reported from 261 Florida hospitals. That is 383 fewer patients than Thursday’s report, which also had two fewer reporting hospitals.