Innovative Chlorine Dioxide Gas Medical Device Sterilizer New on Market

ClorDiSys Solutions, Inc, headquartered in Branchburg, NJ, introduced a brand new one pallet vacuum sterilizer into its Steridox line of products, the Steridox-100. The innovation is seen in not only the device, but also the method of sterilization utilized, chlorine dioxide gas. Chlorine dioxide gas performs in a near identical manner as that of Ethylene Oxide, the current industry standard for medical device sterilization. However, chlorine dioxide gas is devoid of the safety concerns Ethylene Oxide is plagued with. ClorDiSys’ chlorine dioxide gas is non-carcinogenic, non-explosive, and is a United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registered sterilant. Chlorine dioxide vacuum pressure sterilizers allow for the sterilization of complex designed devices within bulk packaging. A vast reduction in the complexity of the chlorine dioxide gas sterilization process allows for a much shorter overall processing time. Items can be processed entirely in a single sterilization chamber where the entire cycle, including aeration, takes place. Cycles range depending on each device’s requirements, but typically last from two to eight hours, start to finish.

The Steridox-100 incorporates a sleek polished stainless-steel interior that gets revealed via the opening of its automatic door. Cycle recipes can be stored in the system for simple replication and the entire run can be monitored throughout the process. Due to the non-explosive nature of chlorine dioxide gas, the Steridox-100 or other chlorine dioxide sterilizers, can be added to any manufacturing space in an easy and affordable manner due to the lack of need for protective structures as Ethylene Oxide sterilizers require. The addition of in-house sterilization can reduce costs and time in the supply chain for manufacturing facilities in a dramatic way. Additionally, ClorDiSys is an FDA registered contract sterilization facility (registration number 3013115071) and can provide sterilization and validation services. Chlorine dioxide gas sterilization stands to revolutionize the medical device industry. The technology provides opportunities to manufacturers and introduces a new environmentally friendly means of sterilization to an industry needing to innovate away from the safety issues caused by ethylene oxide.

Established in 2001, ClorDiSys Solutions, Inc is a New Jersey based business that manufactures sterilization and disinfection equipment and provides decontamination services. ClorDiSys developed its technology through Johnson and Johnson, and chlorine dioxide gas has been providing true sterilization for medical devices for over 25 years.

SOURCE ClorDiSys Solutions, Inc