3D-Printed Implant for Personalized Knee Realignments Market is Thriving with Top Vendors Medtronic, DePuy, 3D Systems, Embody Orthopaedics & Smith & Nephew

3D printing personalized high-tibial osteotomy (HTO) plates, using a titanium alloy, for knee realignments in osteoarthritis patients. The plates should fit nearly perfectly when implanted thanks to the new approach.

The researchers have also developed an improved surgical technique, the TOKA (Tailored Osteotomy for Knee Alignment), which they claim should improve the fit of the HTO on the knee and significantly speed up HTO surgery from two hours to approximately 30 minutes.

“Knee osteoarthritis is a major health, social and economic issue and does not receive as much attention as it should. A quarter of women over 45 have it, and about 15 percent of men.

To begin the procedure, patients undergo a 3D CT scan of the knee, and these data are then used to manufacture a personalized HTO and surgical guide that fit their shin bone perfectly.

Key Players
Medtronic, DePuy, 3D Systems, Embody Orthopaedics & Smith & Nephew.

The 3D-printing process relies on a metal printing technique that results in medical-grade titanium-alloy plates. The manufactured surgical guide helps to simplify and speed up the surgery.

As the implants fit the patient perfectly, they are intended to reduce discomfort post-surgery and can be implanted in earlier stage patients.
“The HTO surgery has a long clinical history and it has very good results if done accurately.

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