York public health warns of potential COVID-19 exposure at Vaughan stag, wedding

A public notice has been issued for York Region Public Health to anyone who went to either of two events for potential exposure to COVID-19.

The first event is a stag on Aug. 27 at Paramount Event Space at 222 Rowntree Dairy Rd. in Vaughan. The second event is a wedding on Aug. 28 at Royalton Hospitality at 8201 Weston Rd. in Vaughan, according to Patrick Casey, director of corporate communications.

Six confirmed cases of COVID-19 have been associated with the wedding and two confirmed cases of COVID-19 have been associated with the stag, as of Sept. 9.

If you went to the stag and/or wedding you might have been exposed to a confirmed case of COVID-19.

York Region Public Health is investigating and conducting case management, but due to difficulties getting the guest list from the respective venues/organizers, the bride/groom and host of the stag, contact tracing has taken more time and a public notice is necessary to alert anyone who attended these events, Casey said.

Due to inconsistent masking and physical distancing, attendance at this event is deemed a high-risk exposure, and public health is exploring charges related to this exposure, Casey said.

Public health officials are reminding all residents about the importance of providing a history of all contacts and contact information if you test positive for COVID-19. It is crucial to prevent and control the pandemic, Casey said.

York Region Public Health has two orders in place that outline residents’ responsibilities, which includes host responsibilities when hosting a gathering or event.