Intelligence & Energy: Sam Altman’s technology predictions for 2020s

New Delhi: The cost of intelligence and energy are going to be on a path towards near-zero, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman said, listing out his technology predictions for the 2020s in a series of tweets.

“We certainly won’t get all the way there this decade, but by 2030, it will become clear that the AI revolution and renewable+nuclear energy are going to get us there,” he tweeted.

Technology prediction for the 2020s:

— Sam Altman (@sama) 1631210888000

Altman believes that the artificial-intelligence revolution will change how we do things. “This won’t be true for every kind of intelligence—AI will likely be really great at many things and surprisingly bad at others—but enough to change a lot of things.

His argument is that “intelligence and energy have been the fundamental limiters towards most things we want. A future where these are not the limiting reagents will be radically different, and can be amazingly better.”

Altman, who cofounded OpenAI with a bunch of entrepreneurs including Elon Musk in 2015, is perhaps best known for his eight-year stint at Y Combinator—first as a part-time partner and then as the president of the Silicon Valley-based startup accelerator. Under him, YC
incubated its first three Indian startups—Innov8, JustRide and Meesho. His own portfolio includes tech firms such as Airbnb, Reddit, Asana and Pinterest.
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According to Altman, the constraints we’ve all grown used to will no longer apply and we will be able to do stuff with bits and atoms we can barely imagine now. He believes the changes to intelligence and energy will be foundational.

“These two changes will be the foundational changes that most change everything else, but of course lots of other things will happen too,” he said. “Expect a big decade for longevity research, AR/VR, psychedelic medicine, cryptocurrency driving major societal change, etc, etc.”