Dental Infection Treatment Without Needles With Oxygen Ozone Medicinal Gas

By Prof. Dr. Luis Gavin, a leading international Speaker, Dental Maxillofacial Surgery Consultant – and Ozone Therapist Works at King’s College Hospital, a leading hospital in Dubai

Dentists have always been interested in treating caries as their first priority. The effects of ozone are extremely powerful at preventing tooth decay. In some cases, even deeply seated lesions can be treated successfully. Furthermore, we have discovered over the past few decades that we can reverse early lesions and heal teeth. However, once a hole is created, there’s a hole, and we must rely on our entire spectrum of repair technologies to repair the damage.

Ozonotherapy can also prevent caries from developing in the first place, according to research. Physicians observe a similar mechanism when treating biofilm infections in other sites of the body.

Furthermore, ozone also clears out all other necrotic debris and breakdown products that were produced by those organisms. As a result, enamel is initially attacked. But, in addition to that, it is the biomolecules left behind by the acidogenic infecting organisms that make it possible for other microbes to colonize and take over the biofilm to perpetuate the contamination. A biofilm that is much less damaging can dominate when the germs and remnant biomolecules are removed. Within the first 3-4 months of remineralization, teeth are exposed to supersaturated calcium and calcium phosphate ions found in a healthy salivary fluid. Dental practitioners can promote remineralization following use of ozone by using adjuncts like fluoride, xylitol, probiotics, etc.

Ozone in Dentistry
Oxygen ozone has multiple therapeutic applications in dentistry that include topical, nasal, and injection.
Dental Infection Treatment Using Oxygen Ozone Aids with:
 Educe tooth and bone infections
 Designed to prolong the life of root canal teeth
 Fix failed / re-infected root canals while they are being extracted
 Enhances the ability of dental implants to integrate with bone
 Getting rid of acute gum infections
 Sterilize gum pockets associated with periodontitis
 Promoting bone healing and sterilizing extraction sites
 Provide relief from tenderness and soreness around the TMJ and CMD
 Treat sinusitis, tonsillitis, and throat infections
 Promoting enamel remineralization in an indirect way

With 700 oral bacteria species and as many as 18000 different phenotypes thought to be responsible for periodontal disease, and with our current understanding of biofilm formation and its layers and protective components, we must find new nonspecific treatments. Ozone meets these criteria. In order to curb and eliminate bacterial populations, ozone gas, ozonated essential oils, and water can be directly applied to abscesses; a direct application to areas of chronic infection also works.

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Facebook Page: Dr. Luis GavinFrom medicinal oxygen, with a generator, ozone is coming as a gas, and apply directly in painful, infective sites in mouth.
Also useful to treat sores, ulcers, and premalignant and cancer malignant spots

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