LAGUNA BEACH, CA — There are twenty-one speakers around Laguna Beach, designed to send information to residents at a moment’s notice. This is the city’s outdoor warning system.

The City of Laguna Beach currently has gone from 13 to 21 speakers/sirens within the downtown area, and around town.

The speakers and sirens can be activated to provide emergency alerts and warnings to individuals within the alert areas and provide instructions to the community to take safety actions. The warning will tell residents to shelter in place, evacuate, or provide other instructions depending upon the emergency.

“We have strategically positioned the speakers around town to alert you in case of an emergency,” a city spokesperson says.

In order to make sure the speakers are working properly, the city of Laguna Beach runs tests periodically.

The next test is scheduled Thursday, May 27. The time of the test was not released.

Be prepared for a loud siren followed by a recorded message, the city says.

All residents of Laguna Beach should sign up for Alert OC, the city recommends. This geo-targeted regional mass notification system keeps people who live or work in Orange County informed of important information during emergency events.

The system works with landlines, cell phones, and email addresses. Click here to register today.