Plan Your 24-Hour Entrepreneur Retreat for World Mental Health Day Suggested by WELA

WELA declares every entrepreneur needs to plan a 24-hour retreat. Becoming burned out even in a short amount of time especially as you are starting your business and wearing many hats is possible. A relaxed mind, a creative mind can solve problems better and leave you with a clearer mind of calm and excitement for your new venture.

Personal Retreat Plan
Brown County hiking trail, October 11, 2021
Brown County hiking trail, October 11, 2021

Go look at your calendar and block out an entire day in advance. Let people know that you are doing a Personal Retreat for 24 hours (of course you will contact them if an emergency and them to you).
Determine a few pain-points or unknown points to you: struggling with social media? Want to meet other entrepreneurs? Then that leads you to number
Find 1-2 online classes that address your above pain points to attend once you return
Post on social media: you are on a personal retreat and when you will return. Everyone loves a leader who knows how to take care of themselves.
Purchase an essential oil, select a healing tea, and soothing music (you have become your own client for calmness). Here are my favorites: ( Essential Oils, Tea, Soothing music )
Wake up with no alarm and, if possible, wake up to the morning sun (blinds or curtains kept open). It creates a soft and soothing wakeup
Smoothie time. Find a great recipe that makes you feel happy or perhaps an already prepared one such as Premiere Protein
Stretch and move all of your joints from your wrists, hips and knees.
Do a minimum of 30 minutes with nature. A walk outside. Sit outside: find an area that creates your ability to just enjoy really looking at nature. Really notice the color of the leaves, flowers, an animal that hops past you. What unique color did you see today?
Pamper yourself that night. No phone. No TV. Take a long hot shower. Just you, an essential oil, decaf tea, soothing music. If you find your mind flooding with inspiration or ideas, jot them down in your notebook/journal. You may just have created a new evening habit.

About WELA (Women Entrepreneurs Launch) founded in 2016 is a not-for-profit women’s business organization based in the San Francisco Bay area. It is an organization and community of women who elevate women entrepreneurs. Courses can be signed up at WELA as well as further information about the on-going workshops.

SOURCE WELA Female Entrepreneur Support

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