P&R Dental Strategies to Provide Utilization and DentaQual® Scorecards for North Carolina Dental Society’s Dental Insurance Education Program

P&R Dental Strategies, LLC (P&R), the premier dental insights company delivering customized, actionable business intelligence to support a variety of dental payer objectives, today announced its agreement with the North Carolina Dental Society (NCDS) to make P&R’s claims-based utilization scorecards and its DentaQual quality scorecards available to NC dentists. The P&R scorecards provide dentists insights into how their utilization behaviors compare with their peers in DentaBase®, P&R’s multi-payer dental claims database. DentaBase contains over 4 Billion procedures from over 70 national and regional dental payers, growing at a rate of over 1 million procedures per day. In addition to providing dentists with the P&R scorecards, NCDS will offer dentists the opportunity to enroll in NCDS’s innovative new Insurance Education Program.
North Carolina Dental Society (NCDS)
North Carolina Dental Society (NCDS)

The NCDS Insurance Education Program, among other things, provides participating dentists in-depth training in best-practice treatment and commercial dental insurance reimbursement procedures. The one-hour program delivers helpful insights into dental insurance companies’ claim review guidelines, policies and procedures and also provides the opportunity to earn one hour of Continuing Education (CE) credit.

NC dentists who participate in the NCDS Insurance Education Program will be able to access their P&R Utilization and DentaQual scorecards securely through P&R’s DentSource™ web portal, view their individual scores in each DentaQual measurement category and see detailed explanations of DentaQual’s quality measures, metrics, and scoring methodologies. Participating dentists will also be able to track any changes in their DentaQual scores beginning 12 months after completion of the NCDS Insurance Education Program.

Paul T. Sheils, CEO of P&R Dental Strategies says, “Our focus has always been the promotion of high-quality dental care and encouraging quality improvement through objective, data-based measurements. We’re thrilled that the North Carolina Dental Society will be using P&R’s Utilization and DentaQual scorecards as foundational elements in its ongoing efforts to educate its members in best-practice dentistry and to improve the quality of oral care in North Carolina. We believe NCDS should be commended for its highly innovative dental insurance education program which could become a model for other dental societies and organizations.

Dr. M. Alec Parker, Executive Director, North Carolina Dental Society says, “P&R’s claims-based scorecards are valuable tools for truly objective quality measurement. We believe our Insurance Education Program, powered by P&R, will help further our mission to sustain and improve the spectrum of oral health for the people of North Carolina. Objective, data-driven, quality ratings are a powerful tool to encourage positive practice behaviors and help improve healthcare outcomes.





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