Songwriters of North America taps Mark A. Pariser for board of directors

a non-profit trade organization dedicated to earning musicians a fair share for their work, has announced the appointment of CPA/Business Manager Mark A. Pariser of Dunn, Pariser & Peyrot to its board of directors.

Working with creatives throughout film, television, music and technology as a partner of the LA-based Dunn I Pariser I Peyrot, Pariser offers proactive tax management for touring acts, singers, songwriters, and entrepreneurs, among others. Pariser was elevated to the organization’s board of directors, serving for a three-year term ending July 2024.

The advocacy organization, formed by and for professional songwriters, fights for fairer pay in the digital age and to uphold standards for safety and equality in lieu of a singular union. A longtime member and supporter of SONA, Pariser said he was honored by the board’s choice.

“Given how important this organization’s mission is, not just for songwriters trying to make a living today but the future generations of creatives to come, to be recognized for this position is a validation of the work I’ve done,” Pariser said. “My fellow board members are some of the most experienced and well-regarded members of their industries, and I’m thrilled for the opportunity to join their ranks.”

Pariser supports various philanthropic endeavors, ensuring they comply with various tax rules applying to charities. In particular, he works closely with Manifest Works, an organization dedicated to workforce development and job placement for those affected by foster care, homelessness and incarceration.

Mark A. Pariser is a certified public accountant at Dunn I Pariser I Peyrot. His practice emphasizes the proactive management of the tax and financial affairs of a variety of people who work in film, television, music and technology. His clientele also include touring acts, international executives and entrepreneurs, and other high net worth individuals and their businesses.

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