Update:Moodozi Reviews – Does it Work or SCAM?

Moodozi is a top trending SAD light therapy lamp. SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is a common condition that several people experience as fall or autumn approaches and till the end of winter. While scientists have not been able to figure out much about this disorder, it is said to be triggered by lack of sunlight.

Moodozi SAD light therapy lamp is a way to get rid of seasonal affective depression without having to go for therapy and disclosing your deepest darkest secrets. You also don’t have to take any pills to improve your mood as the Moodozi lamp simply makes use of light to boost your energy and spirits.

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If you would like to include Moodozi light in your room as well, read our Moodozi review below to see how it helps. As per the official website, there are 46,000+ satisfied customers and positive Moodozi customer reviews have been shared. So, definitely it must be effective enough for it to become this popular.

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Moodozi Review

Seasonal affective disorder is a type of depression. It occurs due to a change in seasons and typically gets worse during the winters. People who have SAD often start feeling better in the spring season and continue to feel no depressive symptoms during summers. Scientists have not been able to find out a lot about this type of depression even though it is widely acknowledged.

It is believed that seasonal depression affects you because you’re not exposed to sunlight as much as your body requires. Unfortunately, quarantine and isolation periods have only made SAD more common and difficult. If you live in an area, where getting outdoors to treat your SAD is not an option because of the cloudy or cold weather, don’t think that there is no solution for you.

Moodozi is a lamp that has been designed to improve symptoms of seasonal affective disorder. It works to increase your energy levels and boost productivity. It helps increase your focus and concentration. All of this is achieved by means of the lamp giving out light that mimics the sun. It’s like having the sun in your room. Moodozi is the safest way to improve your symptoms without having to spend money on therapy or medications.

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About SAD and It’s Symptoms

About 5% of the adults in the US experience seasonal affective disorder. Younger people and women are more prone to this type of depression, with 75% of its victims being females. About 10 to 20% of Americans also experience a milder form of SAD called winter blues. For those who have another mood disorder or mental health problems such as bipolar disorder, anxiety or schizophrenia, they are at a higher risk for this condition.

SAD is mostly experienced by those who live in cloudy regions where sunlight is scarce. Scientists don’t know exactly what causes seasonal depression, but some theories suggest that a chemical imbalance in the brain, excess boost of melatonin or a vitamin D deficiency can be behind it. SAD can be mild with symptoms like moodiness or symptoms can also be extreme, such as having suicidal thoughts.

Experts say that seasonal depression is triggered by a lack of sunlight which causes hormonal changes in the brain. Basically, the brain stops making a chemical called serotonin which is linked to mood regulation. When this hormone doesn’t function as it should, symptoms of depression and those of weight gain and fatigue can accompany. Below is a look at some symptoms of SAD:

Feelings of sadness and hopelessness. For some, stress and anxiety also accompany.
Extreme fatigue and lack of energy throughout the day.
Difficulty in focusing and concentrating on work or relationships.

A bigger appetite, specifically for carbohydrates.
Some individuals may also experience weight gain due to eating more and spending a more sedentary lifestyle.
The desire to be alone accompanied by thoughts of suicide.

As you can learn from the symptoms, seasonal depression can be very serious which is why it is crucial to seek a diagnosis and a solution for it if you feel that you have it. Please don’t diagnose yourself. Your doctor will listen to your symptoms and either diagnose another mood disorder or note that you have SAD. If there is a pattern of feeling dull in a particular season of the year, accompanied by symptoms of depression, your doctor is likely to diagnose SAD.

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Specifications of Moodozi Lamp

Let’s quickly walk you through the specs of the Moodozi lamp:

The light intensity of this device is 2,000 to 10,000 lux which can be adjusted to your preference.
The temperature of Moodozi is 3,000k to 6,500k which can also be adjusted.

The dimensions of this SAD lamp are 6.30’ x 5.50” x 0.40” inches.
This device is connected to a USB type C power adapter.
Moodozi doesn’t get hot to the touch.
It gives fast results, with most people reporting a difference in symptoms within 1 to 2 weeks. However, individual results may vary.

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Moodozi Reviews – Conclusion

Moodozi uses white LED light to help with depressive symptoms. This is a therapeutic solution for seasonal affective disorder that is believed to occur due to lack of sunlight. Moodozi can improve your mood, focus, and energy levels. It may also help control your appetite and get rid of other SAD symptoms. All in all, Moodozi SAD light therapy lamp is safe and can be used by everyone. To learn more or to place your order today at a discounted cost, visit the official website here




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