updates: Hydration Solution Formulated For Moms Launches In The US

Aquamamma was developed to meet the specific hydration and electrolyte needs of women who are trying to conceive, pregnant, in labor, breastfeeding, or in the postpartum period. It comes in two varieties:

Aquamamma, a brand of healthy electrolyte drinks for moms, is bringing their trademarked formulation to the US.

Ready-to-drink cans: 8.45 fl oz water-based drinks for fast, one-handed drinkability.
Powder sachets: an electrolyte powder to mix with 17 fl oz of water for moms on the go.

Why moms and moms-to-be? Because a woman’s daily fluid intake increases to accommodate the physiological changes that occur during pregnancy, in labor, and when breastfeeding. But one of life’s cruel jokes is this also happens to be a time when women are least likely to drink enough water – they may be sick or nauseous, busy with a new baby, or simply exhausted. It’s a recipe for dehydration.

Aquamamma CEO, Emma Gibson, understands this implicitly:

“I know first hand how important hydration is during pregnancy. I’ll never forget the endless waves of nausea, the exhaustion, the ’empty stomach’ feeling, and of course, the thirst! Like so many other women, water just didn’t cut it for me.”

In addition to electrolytes, Aquamamma provides the vitamins and minerals that women need during this time like magnesium, vitamin c, and folic acid. It is low in sugar, sodium, and calories, making it a healthy daily hydration option for women. Light fruit flavours and zero artificial ingredients also makes it a palatable choice for women experiencing morning sickness.

After experiencing huge success in Australia and New Zealand for five years, Aquamamma is excited to introduce their products to the US market as the first major market in a global expansion plan.

Aquamamma is now available for online purchase in the US at aquamamma.com.


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