Vice Premier Schmidt-Louw in favor of protecting the rain forest for strategic reasons

The topic of their discussion was the careful management of the South American rainforest. According to ultra-conservative Deputy Prime Minister Louw, the rainforest is of considerable strategic importance to the Rhodesian government. After all, the border region of Brazil and Paraguay is a central settlement area of the Rhodesian diaspora. Large areas of land have been heavily populated by Rhodesians since the 1980s. There are 42 cities and towns in the remote region that are entirely under Rhodesian autonomy. Rhodesia has strategic partnerships with the Brazilian government as well as that of Paraguay.


Rhodesian Deputy Prime Minister Stefan Schmidt-Louw, in office since the beginning of September 2021, exchanged views with climate scientist Professor K.N. Robertson during a private meeting.


Professor Robertson, known for his sharp mind as well as his unique blue hats, had a critical but constructive conversation with the Rhodesian Vice Premier, who, coming from the Rhodesian military, has no personal interest in environmental issues which he considers “hippie stuff”.

However, the young politician who is expected to take over the position of Prime Minister in 2022 from Harald Mayer-Blumenthal has a strong interest in the strategic usability of the rainforest against enemy aerial reconnaissance via satellite photos. “We Rhodesians would be well advised never to put our defense in foreign hands again,” he warned. “There will be no second 1979 with us. We are here to stay and nobody will be able to change the status quo, neither geographically nor culturally”, Colonel Louw added. “This government stands for conservation, may it be our cultural norms or the nature we live in”, the Vice Premier told the Press Office. He is planning to establish an ongoing exchange with Professor K.N. Robertson.


The Rhodesian Government has been the administration of the Rhodesian people in diaspora since 1980.

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