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About the only truly admirable thing about The Belko Experiment – the new film written by James Gunn and directed by Greg McLean – is that it unabashedly wears its influences on its sleeve. It’s clear that Gunn – now famous for his work directing the first two Guardians of the Galaxy films – was heavily inspired, in fact, by director Kinji Fukasaku’s Battle Royale, a bloody and ruthless film that pitted schoolkids against each other in a fight to the death. Unfortunately, the similarities between The Belko Experiment and Battle Royale all about end there.

Set during the present day (or possibly near future), the film takes place in an office for the mysterious corporate titan, Belko Industries, located in Bogota, Colombia. Placed literally a mile or so from any road and surrounded only by a dilapidated hangar and a full acre or so of dirt, The Belko Experiment begins by introducing us to a number of employees working within the office. They include John Gallagher Jr.’s Mike Milch, Adria Arjona’s Leandra Flores, Michael Rooker’s Bud Melks, Tony Goldwyn’s Barry Norris, John C. McGinley’s Wendell Dukes, and more.

Everything seems to be business as usual at Belko Industries, aside from all of the local Colombian employees being sent home at the beginning of the day, when a voice of the intercom announces that the employees within the building will either have to begin suddenly killing each other or be killed randomly. The entire office building is subsequently boarded up by large, impenetrable steel walls installed literally into the infrastructure of the building.

At first, the employees shrug the announcement off as nothing more than a sick joke… until several employees’ heads suddenly explode throughout the building by explosives installed into their necks by the company months ago. It becomes clear then that they’ve all unwillingly become subjects in an experiment of bloody, nihilistic proportions. From there, The Belko Experiment could have either become one of two things. It could have been a satirical, hilariously gross film about the violent aspects of human nature, or it could have become a bleak, unyielding message about the seemingly endless power of corporations throughout the world and the never-ending nature of war and violence.

But The Belko Experiment instead becomes lost between those two choices, wanting to simultaneously break the hearts of its viewers and also make them laugh at the “ingenious” ways it kills its characters. It doesn’t seem to see the problem with having multiple moments where you’re meant to mourn over the death of one character in the same film that has a scene where an innocent woman is hacked up by a perverted employee, who then leaves the bathroom stall he killed her in just in time for the camera to show the viewer a “keep this area clean/please wash your hands” sign.

But maybe there’s no better example of how much The Belko Experiment misses the mark than when a secretary we’ve never seen before runs into her murderous boss halfway through the film. In a last-ditch effort to save her own life, she tries to offer herself sexually to him before he walks up and promptly snaps her neck in order to “save his bullets.” It’s an absurdly sickening situation that seems to relish in its own grotesqueness.

On all fronts, The Belko Experiment is a truly underwhelming experience. From the point of a view of a satire or political message, it has neither the profundity nor the subtlety to really leave the viewer thinking about anything other than the buckets of blood they just saw sprayed against office walls. But from the point of view of a gratuitous, grindhouse horror movie, it doesn’t even have any truly original or memorable kill sequences. Major characters will die suddenly with little to no emphasis on their final moments, or even in inventive ways.

James Gunn is a talented writer and filmmaker; that much is well-known at this point. But McLean either didn’t know how to direct The Belko Experiment, or he didn’t have much to go on in the first place. To their credit, John Gallagher Jr., Adria Arjona, Sean Gunn, and Michael Rooker all do their best to make a lot out of a little, to nevertheless understandably low results. The same can be said for all of The Belko Experiment, which isn’t the film it wants to be or wants you to think it is. You might as well just call in sick.